Thursday, 1 October 2009

Good Person Manifesto

Hey little guy, ever wondered how to make yourself generally a cooler person? Follow these guidlines I've kindly laid out for myself, and adapt them to yourself.

1. Listen to people.

2. Don't be lazy.

3. Don't talk shit about friends. Don't be friends with people you talk shit about.

4. When you know you shouldn't be doing something, don't fucking do it.

5. Don't be tempted by cheap thrills.

6. Think positive (no really, it works).

7. Read.

8. Be high maintenance (pluck/wax/trim/moisturise ... when was being a slob ever good, for anyone?).

9. Be productive.

10. Don't be FLAKY.

11. Remember your manners.

12. Don't give up, you're not the same person once you've given up.

13. Take a chill pill. Neuroticism is never hot ... plus, act like you don't care and you won't. \self preservation you noob :-)

Ahh I feel less shitty already. Love love love <3

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