Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hot Guys: The Myth

This subject has bothered me for a while. No I don't fancy Orlando Bloom, or that guy who played Alfie in the new one, or fucking Heath Ledger. Ok he was cool, but only in 10 Things I Hate About You when he was hairy and smelly looking.

Girls don't like guys who are prettier than them. Nor ones who spend more time on their eyeliner. And what is with pecs and abs? You look funny and I'm bored. I hate Katy Perry but you have to admit the song Ur So Gay is kind of intuitive.


That's why it was pretty fun to come across the Rad Dudes website. Described as "a blog that exists to document the phenomenon of guys just doing their thing and being proud of it", it's a good source of 'ha ha cool guy' material. Without further ado:

Test yourself!

Who would you want to save you from a burning building, Legolas or Aragorn?

If you chose Legolas: he is a woman - you are dead. You can't kill fire with arrows and pixie dances. Plus he was probably scared he would singe his hair so I doubt he even showed up.

If you chose Aragorn: good choice, this says a lot about your character - continue with your life.

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