Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My life in pictures: This month

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs Live 29th November : a major excitement this month and the event bringing all recent emotional rollercoaster rides to equilibrium.

2. Canterbury architecture : A subject eating up most of my time in the week. Learning to be an architect in a cathedral city is FUN(repetitive).

3. "Fuck off" : what I would love to be able to say more.

4. "Haha" : for when fuck off gets tiring.

5. The morning after feeling : defined by the above facial expressions. In fact I don't recall the last morning after where my general mood wasn't exactly as above. Apart from that time at Sians where we got wrapped up and went charity shop shopping, that was good.

6. My arse : it gives me enough grief, I might as well put it in my blog somewhere.

7. Friend on photographic fire : because it's a good picture, she's my blogging comrade and I'm jealous of how good she is at chatting up boys.

By the way regular readers and/or fans (you exist don't you?), I love you.

Love from,


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