Saturday, 20 March 2010


Neat pictures I've collected courtesy of a couple new blogs I've found ...

1. PRINCESSFACES!: The photo blog of Jamie Taete, photographer for Vice magazine. Go there for girls pissing up walls and hairy fat guys making out with eachother.
2. Scattered Aesthetics: Full of funny pictures but also nice looking ones too.
3. Misc JPG: A section of Platform where they make big collages of cool pictures. Platform is something to be obsessed with in its own right.
4. Cool and Beauty: Blog of Londoner Alice Goddard who writes for Pop Magazine and dresses nice.
5. Terry's Diary: The photo diary of icon photographer Terry Richardson. Interesting if you're a fan of his work. Otherwise go there for the odd bare arse and Terry-with-a-celebrity shots.


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