Thursday, 29 April 2010

get a life, i hate you!

i feel like a total psychopath. not myself and completely emotionless. enough to necessitate a "dear diary" esque blog post. what is this? sooo strange. i feel like telling the people i hate that they lose at life even though they don't. as well as the people i love. summarises my mood pretty conclusively.

i HATE people. i bottle that up so much in my everday life, i go to huge lengths to hide how much i crushingly hate everyone. it's completely unjustified and unfair so i think i'm just not a very nice person. but it's comforting to admit it, it gets tiring pretending to be submissive instead of bitter and angry.

i need to finish cleaning my room. i'm gonna find some nice pictures to put with this so its not a waste. btw nice cat dress katy, flip!!

The gods seem to have sent me my favourite weather, raining, overcast and warm. i don't feel like causing pain so much anymore either. thanks guys, i still don't believe in you.


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