Wednesday, 20 October 2010

One girl, six ways - which one are you? (CYA LATER AGE 19)

I like this Richard Kern shoot for Vice. It kind of appeals to my adolescent tendency towards pigeonholing and stereotypes. Also what teenager doesn't constantly want to reinvent themselves? That's probably been the most consisent feature of my teenage years.

By the way the adolescent theme was an accident but a happy one since today is my last day of being a teenager. Tomorrow I turn 20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Kale Marlin said...

Education, Education, Education

A: University
B: Course Choices
C: Jobs

A to B to C - Do you know what B and C are? If not find out, especially C look at job offers for this year.

For heavens sake get a 1st, then u get the interesting jobs.

Slender slim, thick soft touch, open face honest words. Tall bent wanton, clever smart astute.

Good luck,

Kale Marlin