Monday, 18 October 2010

Posty wost number 301!!!! (N.B. - Bit depressing)

I just realised it looks like I'm crying but I'm not!!!
  • The last post I did was number 300 on our total posts count. In truth it's a bit tragic because I doubt this blog will go much further. Sorry readers, love you guys (both of you). I have to make another one for uni and neither of us really have the kiddie fascination that is needed to maintain a blog that noone looks at. I don't know what your intentions are Katy.
  • I feel completely out of wack today through having the worst weekend ever. Friday was fun (the type of fun you make out of a non fun situation) but Saturday was just shiiiiiit. Couldn't milk the tiniest drop of something good out of it. The party host was amazing, I love her (she kept saying I was lovely which I don't think anyone has ever chosen to describe me as), but I got such bad vibes from everyone else that it's stretched over two whole days of my life.
  • Someone at the party said I have nice hands and later asked me to go home with him and I think I'm still cringing.
  • There was also an incident with my cousin and her boyfriend and everyone in my house was drunk and screaming at eachother and it was horrible.
  • I had a dream last night that Jay Leno came to my school and I tried to seduce him (it worked). Kinda fancy Jay Leno now.

lookin hot.
  • I'm missing uni today because I have 3 horrible disgusting spots by my mouth. That's not the real reason I'm staying at home but it's what I sort of assigned to be the Reason I Could Say rather than having to explain that I just don't want to go. I don't know why cos I know uni will cheer me up.
  • I am going to watch Observe & Report to inject some Seth Rogen into my morning.
  • I hope you enjoyed some insight into my day. I am usually a lot happier and more positive but noone ever writes about feeling content, which is sad.
  • I need to remember how to write.



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