Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Akin to the invention of logarithms

Apparently, John Napier and Joost Burgi's independent inventions of logarithms have saved mathematicians half their lives in calculations. (Thanks maths tutor and storyteller).

I only checked around 6 or 7 blogs before I signed up to bloglovin'. And that was using the bookmarks on firefox ... I've lost count of how many I follow now ... ah back in the stone age blog-wise.
Go ahead, please follow my blog with bloglovin´.


Shini said...

yeah it didn't take so long for me to join bloglovin too, so convenient, now I don't have to visit every single site to see if anyone updated! Thanks so much for letting me know on the hazardous shoes, goodness, if I'd known :|...Those Prada heels are way too high though, could as well work fine with lower-than-5inch heels, prevent blisters and such...Nice blog you have here :D!

The Stylish Wanderer Email said...


I love your header btw.