Monday, 8 December 2008


Today I visited London for a live art lecture day at UCL where a bunch of artists told us about their creative processes. A lot of good tips for me. Through this I found out about an intruiging New York based artist named Stefan Sagmeister (above).

The city was soooo lovely. Especially just as it was getting dark, all the lights coming on walking through the streets with my scarf up to my nose and my hat close to it as well.

I bought the loveliest shoes a couple days before, my favourite shoes have been chewed by our puppy, and the rest are trainers, so they were needed.

Unfortunately by the end of the day I was so crippled by blisters I was actually limping. I had to ask for the first aid kit at the university and then buy more. I was walking pretty stupidly on my tube travels. I either looked a bit disabled or really really sexy.

No pictures, because you all know what London looks like. But this is truly the best time of year to be there.

Manchester on Wednesday for an open day, maybe then some pictures.

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laia. said...

stefan sagmeister is amazing. amazing amazing.