Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad Mood Night

Fuck you hormones! You're a crazy bitch, hormones!!

Here are some albums I put on to jump around my room being a loser: Door Cinema Club - Tourist History: Very catchy; download if you just want to dance and can't be bothered to actually "get into" the album. & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels: Also very catchy; every single song you can sing and dance to immediately. She also has lyrics that make you pump your fist and say "yeah". Snow - Miike Snow: Just nice music. Mars Volta - De-loused in the Chromatorium: Noisy, quick, all over the place. If bad sex could be music, this is what it would sound like. Just kidding. Actual good music rather than just catchy, and I love the guy's voice. Puppets - Meat Puppets II: They heavily influenced Nirvana. Sort of grungy sort of punky, the guy can't sing, but overall really good.



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