Monday, 30 August 2010


After endless bored hours absently gazing at the footage looped on Fashion TV, not only did I lose faith in that guy with a yacht who owns the channel, but in South African fashion designers. It's not as if I even extensively researched Cape Town fashion week, but just sort of palmed it off as primitive and incompetent, as one tends to do with some things in South Africa.

How mistaken I was. If I had actually done my research I would have realised the country is filled with talented designers brimming with ways to visually express the beauty of the African landscape and the peace it instills in you.

Without further ado I bring you the first of these discoveries; Coppelia. A nice touch is also the shades, all by Ray Ban, which make me think about the warmth and beauty of the Cape Town landscape. I obviously have to express that this is not how I think the designer has intended it, or how anyone else should percieve it. It's just the feeling the collection personally gives me and the relation it has to my own memories and experiences. But isn't that the best thing about art?

I am also aware of my little African tangent I've been going on lately, I will get back to the UK (earth) soon, and all the goodness it contains.



photo credit: Nikon apparently

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