Thursday, 19 August 2010

I ▲ Lesley Arfin

Reading Lesley Arfin's work is kind of like reading the horoscopes. You can relate to every single thing she says, and even if it's a vague one liner about destiny, you feel like she's talking specifically about you.

Reading her book you'll discover she's a person who's been to hell and back and tried her hand at numerous professions, but been loyal to her friends and what she wants the whole way through it. She is my ultimate idol.

Par example, a piece of advice centering around cheating and a hand job:

Sometimes the right decision feels like it’s wrong or bad because we’re hurting someone else. But we have to hurt other people sometimes in order to save ourselves. If you don’t save yourself first, you can’t save anyone at all. You can explore and make new memories anywhere, whether you’re at a crazy music festival or just at the diner. You’ll become the person you want to be not by cheating, lying or giving spontaneous handjobs, but rather by being true to yourself and being honest with what you want. And then actually getting off your ass and doing it. -- Lesley Arfin, from "Ask Barf: I Cheated on my boyfriend" - Street

When you want to write/like/do/create something, there's a part of you that always says "everyone's going to think I'm an idiot". You always end up feeling stupid, even if what you created was awesome. Welcome to Self-doubt City. My biggest admiration of Arfin is that she sees that and shows you how to get over it. She becomes the you-in-a-few-years who understands exactly how stupid you are and why you're that stupid.

Leaf through some of her advice, it will apply to anything in your life. And if not, go to her blog or read her book, she's brilliant.

She also dresses super cool but let's not get too obsessed.




Anonymous said...

Uhh she's super racist....

Anna said...

Uhh, thanks idiot, i have followed her career for years and know for a fact she is a very well-balanced, lovely woman. she has unfortunately had her career bashed and bruised by a stupid website. don't go along with it and don't post stupid comments on my 2 year old blog post. Anna